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"What If Douglas Adams Wrote A Post-Apocalyptic Candide?"
- Structo Magazine

A climate change adventure story about an insurance salesman at the end of the world.

After a thirty-year rationing plan called “The Effort", the prime minister declares VC Day: “Victory over the Climate”. But chronically depressed insurance salesman Jeremy Chutter knows it’s all hot air. The end is nigh — and he can’t wait!

Then Jeremy’s world gets turned upside-down…


You’re never too old to run away from home.

A magical realist tale about Edinburgh.

Stefan lives in the shadow of his mother, famous folk-singer and variety show host Delonia Mackechnie. When Stefan writes a letter out of frustration to his dead father, he receives an unexpected reply — a message that leads him to a timeless city where he’ll face love, oblivion, and eternity.


Hugh & Simon weren’t exactly made for each other. More like… manufactured.

Hugh Willard and Simon Williams couldn’t be less alike. They’ve been friends since childhood, but five years ago their differences led to a fight and they haven’t spoken since. Now Hugh’s discovered that he and Simon might be clones. Worse, they were never meant to be born, and someone wants them dead.

The Willies tells the story of two friends coming to grips with their relationship while on the run. This takes place against a backdrop of bizarre events that poke fun at the debate over bioengineering — starting with a panda blowing up, and finishing with a showdown that threatens human life itself.


If you had all the money in the world, what would you value?

After all the hype, New Year's 2000 has come and gone without a hitch. Well, almost: while Fix was working on a Y2K solution for a Canadian bank, he accidentally released a bug that gave his bank account 2000 years' worth of interest.

Now Fix is infinitely rich, but he's on the run with his best friend Julie, framed for having stolen the money. As they're chased from town to town by a mysterious couple in a white van, the bug starts to leak. Money will become worthless if everyone is suddenly rich. Then what?

That's exactly what Fix has to decide…



I wrote, printed, & hand-bound each of my books. Learn the ins and outs of indie publishing in my DIY Book podcast, a step-by-step guide that shows you how to write, finish, print, and bind your own novels.