Strategic Coach

...is the world's leading coaching program for successful entrepreneurs — and I illustrate books for them! I translate giant, transformative ideas into fun, approachable cartoons that the company's founder Dan Sullivan calls " dangerously cute ".

The Ambition Series books are available in print from Strategic Coach and as e-books from Amazon.

I've also drawn cartoons of over 200 Strategic Coach team members. Receiving a personalized "CoachToon" avatar has become one of the company's perks on graduating from the three-month probationary period.

Possibly the nicest endorsement I've received about my work (aside from, y'know, having a job created for me) came in the form of a team award nomination from my colleague, Julia Waller:

"I'd like to nominate @HamishMacDonald for his brilliant, quality cartoons. Hamish beautifully captures the essence of Dan Sullivan's ideas (plus his amazing intellect allows him to go toe-to-toe with Dan in any conversations) and also brings so much FUN and SPIRIT to our whole team with every cartoon on every email, Monkey Award nomination, card… etc etc.

"Hamish's cartoons have become a KEY part of expressing our unique company culture. They bring humour and delight to everything! Thanks @Hamish MacDonald for using your brilliant Unique Ability to bring so much joy to us all. In case you're curious, Hamish's Unique Ability is 'looking for what matters and giving it a joyous form.' BINGO!"

- Julia Waller,
Unique Ability Specialist,
 Strategic Coach

All artwork and concepts in these images ©Strategic Coach Inc.